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Our state’s General Assembly will soon have population data from the Census and will be working with tight deadlines in drawing district maps for their own seats and for Congressional seats. To meet this critical time, we need to be prepared with strategies and action tools that will get our voices heard, especially on ensuring substantive public input and real transparency throughout the process. We must make sure our leaders hear our concerns about splitting our local communities for political gain.

In this webinar, you will learn what YOU can do to ensure that your community and North Carolina have fair districts in which to vote for the next 10 years. Listen to reps from LWVNC explain how you can be an activist for fair districts. We will show you how to access tools for contacting your representatives and go over tips for getting the best results. We deserve to know how our communities will be divided up and to have input in the process. Let’s hold our leaders accountable to ALL our citizens – not just to the political base.

With so much threatening our democracy, let’s make sure we, The People, are choosing our leaders – not the other way around. This webinar will be useful for those who know a little about district mapdrawing and are eager to take the next step toward accomplishing a more fair process.

Webinar speakers will include Mike Jennings, LWVNC State Board Member, and Laurel Voelker, LWV-Wake Board Member.

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Webinar- Speak out for Fair Districts -June 30th- 5 pm

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